Designing a New Driveway
Asphalt / Concrete / Gravel

3Long Lasting
Driveway Surfaces

When designing a driveway, surface selection is vital to how long it will last and how it will look. Here are three materials to consider before making your final choice.


When it comes to your budget, asphalt in Salt Lake City comes with a friendly price. With a lifespan of up to 20 years, this material can withstand drastic temperature changes and also preserve heat, allowing for extra aid in melting snow during the winter. While initial costs are low, expect to reseal the surface every few years to prolong its life.


Concrete is very strong and stands up well with heavy vehicles. Concrete comes with an array of design options such as patterned or stamped surfaces and various colors. Other options include admixes to make the surface waterproof and stain resistant. If you’re not in an earthquake prone area, expect a concrete driveway to last a lifetime.


Gravel is inexpensive and simple to install. It can also last a lifetime. However, if you go with gravel, keep in mind that it requires a great deal of maintenance due to weeding, dust management, and tricky snow removal. The dust stirred up by gravel can end up in your shoes, inside of your house, on your car, and in the surrounding garden.

Taking time to research various materials will help you choose the best design for your driveway. Work with local experts to find the best available options that will fit your home and area.